Thursday, November 3, 2011

Justice Under Gaga

For those of you who don't know, Lady Gaga is an Italian-American.  And like many Italian-Americans, GAGA was raised Catholic.  Maybe her donning a red nun's habit and "eating" a rosary speaks for itself, but she no longer considers herself a member of the Catholic community... She's not too keen on the Church's demonization of homosexuals.  Anyway, I'm not trying to spur any political debates here.  I just thought I'd share a lil' story about another one of my favorite Catholic Italian-Americans.  For Pledge of Glory purposes, we'll call her "Becks."

Becks is a good friend I studied abroad with in Italy.  Every Monday, we'd practice our Italian over some wine... we liked to think our Italian was great when "under the influence."  More often than not, however, she'd end up telling me hilarious stories about her Catholic high school.  Much of the hilarity is currently escaping me, but I will never forget how this all-girls school referred to detentions -- JUG's -- standing for "justice under God."  Lord Almighty, even Sister Mary Elizabeth can appreciate the comical irony in that acronym! 

Anyway, enough about those funny Catholics...  What I really want to blog about today is my ferocious GAGAween costume!!!  My head is slowly shrinking to it's normal size, but after a weekend full of compliments I'm still riding my GAGA-high.  Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the leaner physique, or maybe it was my insane makeup and costuming (compliments of Morgan Boland)... whatever it was, I was feeling (and looking, in my opinion) quite "savagely fierce" (as defines 'ferocious').  At work Sunday, I was literally showing a picture of Jackie Gaga to anyone I deemed remotely interested (guest or co-worker).  But decide for yourselves, do I make a hot Gaga or what?! 

     Lookin' like GAGA's 6ft twin... maybe better, if you ask
the Colombian man hitting on me at Club 5 (yet
another gay bay where I pick up men...
surpisingly Enrique was straight).

As fellow GAGAweener AJ Blanchet said,
"Makin' our mamas proud!"

You might not know it looking at this ferocious picture, but
I've had far too much wine at this point...  Like GAGA, neither
drunkenness nor brain-eating zombies will spoil my photo.

I'd like to think GAGAerobics has served me well! 

After last week's very "woe is me" entry, I'm here to report that all is well in the land of The Pledge of Glory!  I'm also here to demand that you never weigh yourself during your period!!!  Last week I was all pissy about the fact that I was weighing in at 208.6 (heck, I'd been between 206 and 210lbs the entire month of October).  But what do you know... I weighed myself just days later (after my period) and poof!  I was magically about 6 lbs lighter!  And I'm proud to announce that at some point this week, for the first time since likely 8th grade, the scale read less than 200lbs!!!  Even after a long weekend of GAGAween celebrating and neglecting just about every Pledge of Glory "rule," I'm still roughly 202.6lbs.  If y'all remember my initial weigh in, I began this journey at 221.6lbs... that brings me to a grand total of 19lbs shed!!!  I'm virtually over the moon with excitment!  And it seems I will get my professional haircut after all... I promised myself that as a reward for getting under 200lbs and meeting the The Hauser Sister 10lb Thanksgiving Challenge!!! 

Here's hoping you felt as good in your Halloween costumes as I did!  I can't wait for the slightest excuse to get back into my GAGA-gear! 

“I want women -- and men -- to feel empowered by a deeper and more psychotic part of themselves. The part they're always trying desperately to hide. I want that to become something they cherish.” 
-- Lady Gaga

Love. Peace. GAGAerobics.


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